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Dranky Is The World’s Best Hangover Cure

Stop The Hangover Before It Starts With Dranky

Dranky is the world’s fastest acting hangover remedy. This all-natural nutritional supplement is specially formulated to help reduce the negative hangover effects that come from consuming alcohol. More Info

How It Works

Enjoy Your Night To The Fullest Without Worrying About The Morning

A hangover is caused by a culmination of things like being dehydrated, vitamin deficient, nauseous, and tired. Dranky is designed to specifically aid in each of these negative factors. Even if you only have one drink, taking Dranky before bed will give you a better night’s sleep, and you’ll wake up feeling better with more energy. More Info

Dranky To The Rescue

Life Is Too Short For A Hangover    

The perfect combination of powerful, all-natural ingredients create the ultimate army to battle a hangover, and win! Taking two pills with your last drink or before bed immediately starts the process of bringing your body back into a healthy balance after a night of consumption. Take on tomorrow with confidence knowing that you can enjoy the night without limitations!

What Makes Dranky The #1 Hangover Solution?

Dranky was designed by a brilliant team of scientists who broke down the perfect storm that creates havoc on your head, and body after consuming alcoholic beverages. After countless hours of research, our scientists discovered a disastrous combination of negative effects and addressed each one of them individually. We took the lab results, and concocted the perfect remedy. Each active ingredient in a serving of Dranky has a specific target in sight for incredibly fast, effective results. The combination of powerful, and all-natural ingredients will allow your fun night to be followed by a great morning. Wake up feeling refreshed, hydrated, invigorated, and headache-free. The primary cause of a hangover is the direct result of the production of a toxin called acetaldehyde. Dranky will help re-hydrate your body, flush out the acetaldehyde, eliminate the headache, and nausea before you even wake up! We are so confident in Dranky and the reviews from our valued customers that we are offering a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee! If you don’t wake up feeling a million times better than you normally would after a night out, your bottle of Dranky is on us.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident with the quality of our product that we can offer 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied with Dranky, simply contact us for a full refund.

Dranky Is The World’s Leading Hangover Cure

Dranky has everything I need to tackle my morning with ease, no matter how much I drink the night before. I use Dranky every time I have a drink now.

Jennifer Rawlings - Modern Cocktail Simply put; Dranky works!

I tried this from after I got it from a promo Dranky was running. Gave it to the club and we went out for a Round The World Beer Tour which we do once a month. Every single member was thrilled with the results of Dranky and we had a wonderful night. We woke up and met for breakfast like we always do and everyone was in an entirely different mood than usual. Looks like Dranky is the newest member of our club and we are thrilled to have it!

Sammi Durango - Colorado Beer Club Hangover? What’s a hangover?

My friends and I meet for some friendly drinking games once a week on Wednesday which seems to be needed in order to make it to the weekend with a smile but Thursday’s can be rough. We all pitched in on a few bottles of Dranky and everything changed! We all wake up easy and started to make it to work on time. There’s 12 of us who take this once a week (sometimes more) and I can’t imagine going out without it. Why put yourself through hell after drinking when this works so well? Dranky, do you sponsor amateur drinking leagues? We would love your support!

Chris Stuber - Beer Wednesday Dranky let’s me have some week night drinks and show up to work with a smile.

If you’re tired of waking up with a mouth as dry as the Sahara and a head that feels like the New York Symphony is playing Metallica covers at an unreasonably loud volume between your ears, you might want to give Dranky a look. Dranky will leave you feeling like you drank 15 glasses of water the night before rather than 15 cocktails. It doesn’t prevent you from getting drunk, just makes it feel like drinking has no side-effects. It is a total win-win in my book and I would recommend Dranky to anyone who enjoys letting loose with a delicious adult beverage.

Marc Ruiz - ‘Any Houston Weekend’Dranky is going to revolutionize the way you enjoy a night out!

The only thing I don’t like about drinking is the hangover that follows. Dranky has completely killed my hangovers and I finally feel like we have succeeded as a species! Welcome to 2018 humanity… We made it with the help of Dranky!

Better Call Paul - L.A. Social Society Dranky is my new best friend.

Dranky is the world’s easiest solution to enjoy a great night out and not worry about the effects in the morning. How many times have you cut your night short because you had a morning obligation that a hangover would completely ruin? Dranky was designed to eliminate that exact problem. Our specially formulated blend of electrolytes, vitamins and beneficial ingredients attack your hangover at the source and replenish your body with everything it needs to completely eliminate your hangover ASAP!

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