Dranky FAQ’s

Q: What if I don’t know when my last drink will be? 

A:  No worries at all, just place 2 Dranky pills on your night stand, or even in your pocket, and set a reminder on your phone to take them before bed. Dranky works best when you take it with, or just after, your last drink, but taking Dranky before bed will work as well.

Q: What are the potential side-effects of taking Dranky? 

A: Dranky is scientifically formulated with all-natural ingredients in a FDA registered lab, there are no known negative side-effects of taking Dranky.

Q: What if I forget to take Dranky before bed? Can I take it in the morning? 

A: You can take Dranky in the morning, but for the best results you’ll want to take it with your last drink of the night, or before bed. It will still work, but it might take a little time to fully fight your hangover.

Q: What is the recommended dosage of Dranky? 

A: We recommend you take at least two pills with your last drink or before bed for the best results. If you wake up and feel like you might need an extra boost, feel free to take another Dranky pill. It all depends on the individual, and how much you’ve had to drink. You know your body best, and individual results will vary.

Q: Should I take Dranky if I’m only having one or two drinks? 

A: Absolutely, we recommend Dranky for any amount of alcohol consumed. With even one drink, a person can still experience the negative effects of alcohol (even if unnoticed) and Dranky is designed to eliminate those negative effects.

Q: Is Dranky Gluten Free? 

A: You bet it is!

Q: How often can I take Dranky? 

A: We recommend that you take Dranky every time you consume alcohol. There are no negative side-effects of Dranky so there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Q: Can I view your label?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We have so many satisfied customers, and use Dranky ourselves so we are very confident that Dranky is going to be the best hangover solution for you. Because of this, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee! If you don’t like Dranky, send us an email and we will get you a refund immediately.

Q: Is Dranky FDA approved? 

A: Dranky is produced in a FDA registered laboratory that is also cGMP certified. Our state-of-the-art lab undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure the products that are produced are completely safe and controlled. We monitor each individual batch for quality, and consistency. Rest assured that you are receiving a safe, controlled product that has been tested, and produced right here in the U.S.A.