How Does Dranky Work?

Dranky was specially formulated by a team of scientists with one very important goal in mind. That goal was the noble quest to prevent the dreaded hangover before it even has a chance to ruin your day! In order to accomplish this daunting task, we worked real hard to find the main cause of the common hangover. We pushed (or should I say stumbled) through and isolated every single head wrecking, nausea producing, shaky causing trigger in order to find the ultimate hangover remedy. The guys in the lab coats then came up with a powerful, and effective combination of all-natural ingredients while we chugged through the possibilities to come up with an award worthy name… DRANKY! Without driving you to drink from boredom, let me give you a quick rundown of just how, and why Dranky works so well.

Dranky has an effective, and all-natural ingredient for every symptom of a hangover. These ingredients do not prevent, or impede your ability to get drunk, nor will they prevent alcohol poisoning if you still don’t know when to say when… They simply replenish the nutrients flushed from your body that tend to cause a hangover. The main cause of a hangover is dehydration caused by a toxin called acetaldehyde. You also lose vitamin B, and vitamin D creating a lethargic, unwillingness to go about your day. Your liver gets exhausted from processing alcohol. Your blood sugar levels change creating a nauseous, and shaky feeling. The brilliant guys in lab coats took each one of these debilitating symptoms, and concocted an amazing preventative measure in an easy to take pill form. Once again, Dranky WILL NOT prevent, or slow down the effects of alcohol, it is merely the best line of defense against the ill effects of alcohol ravishing your body of much needed nutrients, and impeding it’s ability to function properly.

Dranky includes vitamin B, and vitamin D to help with our mood and energy levels from depleted vitamins. The scientists added Prickly Pear to protect against cellular oxidative stress. Milk Thistle was added to support liver health, and prevent long term damage. N-Acetyl Cysteine (don’t worry, we can’t pronounce it either) helps your liver process alcohol. The potassium in Dranky will get your blood sugar levels back to normal. Vitamin C and electrolytes were added to support hydration. Our scientists even compared Dranky with the leading sports, and hydration drinks. Dranky proved to be more beneficial, and effective for your body’s hydration than the leading sports drinks on the market. On top of that, Dranky includes other ingredients to help with energy, mood, immune system protection, and alcohol processing functions. This potent combination has no negative side-effects at all! If you take it before bed, you’re going to wake up feeling like a million bucks. Even if you don’t drink, and you take Dranky, you’re going to wake up feeling better.